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First Explorations

You ever get the whim on a nice day to simply go exploring?

Even if not, we did....and we had a BLAST! What we ended up finding was a park that is well worth the drive even if you live about an hour away. Our discovery led us to the Fletcher Park. According to the information I discovered, it has a place for nearly everyone! If you love to hike, there's hiking trails attached, there's a creek nearby, there's beautiful scenery, there's a small dogs-dog park and a large-dogs dog park... there's several baseball fields, disc golf, there's jungle gyms for the little ones, there's a concession stand and covered pavilion and I have only one word to describe all of it: BEAUTIFUL!!!

Our excursion made me curious about Fletcher and the history the town had. So, I did a little research and found out that it was actually one of the last 100 cities to be formed in North Carolina in 1838 and according to the Fletcher Arts and Heritage Association, Fletcher is currently one of the largest venues for those all over the state to come play Appalachian and Blue Grass music. I also discovered that Old Howard Gap Road, on which the Fletcher Park can be found, was the most travelled road into Western North Carolina in 1750. Unfortunately I couldn't find much more than that, other than how many collaborate to keep the park going: the Fletcher Youth Baseball and Softball, the Fletcher Area Business Association, the Henderson County Soccer Association, the Henderson County Parks Association, Asheville Empire Lacrosse, the Fletcher Library, fletcher Fire and Rescue and the Fletcher YMCA. It's amazing what a community can do when they come together. So, if anyone works for any of these organizations or happens to run into them, a great thanks is in order for such a beautiful park. We met quite a few people on our trip and made quite the number of new four-legged friends. I hope everyone visits this park at least once, it's absolutely beautiful and it's highly recommended!!

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