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A downright FUROCIOUS functional bowl




Beautiful treat jar for the FUROCIOUS fur babies

Everything is handmade by me personally. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me and to let me know what you think!

About Me

I'm simply a girl that's local to North Carolina who loves to challenge my mind and use my hands to craft what I love and have passion for. 


 Furocious is a project I've been working on to support our local businesses and to use a portion of all my profits from the products I have hand-made to support the animals and pets that are in such desperate need of a loving home. I'm seeking to support no-kill shelters, rehabilitation services and obedience training in dogs of all ages so that the sweet babies that are in need of a loving home can have the support they so desperately need and to equip current and future owners the tools to use to keep more of those precious lives out of shelters.

I take complete pride in my work, the authenticity of the products I display with my animals along with the hard work I've put into creating Furocious, and I also provide all services with honesty and integrity. Welcome to my shop, feel free to browse and help me help the animals in need!

If there's a specific pet or animal charity that you would like any proceeds to be placed towards, I would love to receive your suggestions!

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Local Services

Opportunities to support the local communities, learn dog training tips and awareness of our local services in the community.